Looking Back – The Table.


Having two sets of twins is just crazy. It’s every bit as much work now that they’re 9 1/2 and 11 as it was when they were 1 1/2 and 3. It’s just a different kind of work. I do so love looking back at old blog posts from those long, crazy days when they […]

Ugly Sweaters for Days.


I love the whole concept of Ugly Christmas Sweaters. I feel like I’ve earned the right to wear them ironically, proudly celebrating their tackiness – because as someone who worked in an office and dressed “business casual” during the 90s, I actually wore holiday-themed sweaters the first time around and thought I looked completely adorable. […]

Dress Up Your Ranch Dip


You know how some households of small children seem like they pretty much run on ketchup and ranch dressing? Amazingly enough, my household is not one of them. Out of five kids, we go through surprisingly little ketchup, and only one of mine likes ranch dressing at all. My one ranch lover is PICKY, though. […]

Autism Science Foundation


Thanksgiving is approaching, and my Timehop app just reminded me of something amazing that my family was involved in, back in November of 2011. My friend Dawn Crawford, owner of creative marketing firm BC DC Ideas, hit me up about The Autism Science Foundation, a nonprofit she was involved in, which provides money to research […]

Barnes & Noble Discovery Weekend


The other night, I spent some time at Barnes & Noble with several other Denver bloggers, checking out the massive variety of Christmas gifts available and learning all about DISCOVERY WEEKEND, a special 3-day event to kick off the holiday shopping season, happening this Friday through Sunday at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. Discovery Weekend […]

10 Great DIY Minecraft Christmas Gifts


We just wrapped up a snowy weekend in beautiful Colorado, which has been our first really cold blast of weather this fall. The frigid temps have pushed me into full-on holiday mode, because holy cats, you guys – we only have about six weeks left until Christmas! And as my Minecraft-obsessed children sat side by […]

Tulip For Your Home – Fun Canvas Art


Check out this lovely canvas art that I made super fast using just these few supplies, including Tulip For Your Home products from i Love to Create. This will be so pretty in my daughter’s room! You’ll note that this is fabric paint, but it’s so versatile! I first tried to make a pillow, but let’s […]

Baked Potato Soup


Here is a recipe I’ve been meaning to share for a minute: Baked Potato Soup. It’s been in the back of my mind for months now, just waiting for cool weather to creep in. Now that the air is crisp and the leaves are crunchy, it’s time to break out the soup recipes! Now, I […]

Minecraft Creeper Popcorn Box


I was recently part of Laura Kelly’s Popcorn Box Blog Hop, a fun little exercise in creativity, where a group of creative bloggers were invited to decorate a popcorn box in any way we wanted, using any materials we wanted. This sums up what we were trying to do: “The objective is to create in […]

Last Minute DIY Costumes!


WE’VE GOT ONE WEEK TO GO, PEOPLE. Hopefully you’ve got your costume choices locked in at this point, but just in case you’re still scrambling to figure out what to wear for Halloween, I’ve put together a roundup of last minute DIY costume ideas for kids and for big people, too! How cute are these? […]