Post Surgery Infection – Really?


I always love it when people tell me stories that start out with, “You are not gonna believe this shit…” And guess what, guys? I have one of those stories. Last Friday, I went in for my post-op appointment after having surgery to remove the hardware from my tibia the week before. It was a [...]

Crock-Pot Customer Service Rocks!


You know me, man, I love the deals. So when I found this adorable chevron-patterned Crock-Pot on clearance at Target in January, I snagged one for me and one for my girl Arin, too, even though I had two Crock-Pots in my cupboard! I think I only paid around ten bucks for this fantastic model, which [...]

Hardware Removal Surgery – Done!


And it’s over! On Monday morning, my kids headed back to school after spring break. On Monday afternoon, I had surgery to remove the hardware from my tibial plateau fracture/ACL repair surgery from 16 months ago. Look, here I am! Don’t I look thrilled? This was while the nurse was placing a 2nd IV in [...]

Peeps Donuts for the Win!


Dude. I don’t even like donuts, so this looks extra gross to me: But to my kids? It’s like the heavens opened up and the angels are singing. We are spending the last morning of Spring Break getting a sugar rush at the brand new Dunkin Donuts that just opened up near us. (It’s basically [...]

Avocado Tomatillo Salsa


I am about to share a recipe with you that is going to take Taco Tuesday to the NEXT FREAKING LEVEL: Avocado Tomatillo Salsa.  I can cook. I mean, I can cook some pretty amazing things sometimes. But my cooking doesn’t even compare to my inlaws’ cooking! We were over at my husband’s stepdad’s house [...]

Wee Little Leprechaun Donuts!


Are these freakin’ adorable or what?? A few years ago, we made Leprechaun Traps with our kids as a school project – these would have been a darling addition to those.  Here’s the recipe for how to make them, along with the printable template for the tiny little box. Leprechaun Doughnuts  Ingredients Chocolate Sprinkle Donuts: [...]

Quaker Breakfast Shakes


Recently we had a chance to sample brand new Quaker Breakfast Shakes. The only thing I like to drink in the morning is coffee, so I passed this along to my hubby, who was more than happy to oblige! He’s got a looooong morning commute, and quick breakfasts are a must. This is a shelf-stable [...]

Weirdness Magnet.


I have an odd talent I’m not sure you’re aware of. For some reason, wherever I go, weird things find me. Here’s an example. I stopped at a red light while making my way home one day and happened to glance over at a guy standing on the corner. He was looking right at me, [...]

Brought to you today by the letter F.

Sorry I said the f-word!

I was cleaning up some stuff earlier and stumbled upon this apology note from my son from about a year ago, so he was 9 whenever this incident occurred! Still makes me giggle to myself. Life is f’ing hard sometimes, huh, kid?

Minecraft and LEGO Auction Gift Baskets!

LEGO Auction Gift Basket

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my kids’ school was doing a fundraiser dinner auction and I shared some awesome basket ideas. I volunteered to be the “basket lady” for two of my kids’ classrooms – a task which sounded daunting at first, but turned out to be pretty painless, overall! I finished up both [...]