It’s National Coffee Day!

This fabulous coffee  typography poster is available at Etsy.

Today is National Coffee Day – and you can score a free cup of joe at Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, and Krispie Kreme. You can also save $25 off $100 purchases at with coupon code RMN25SEPT through Tuesday. But really, isn’t every day National Coffee Day? Especially Mondays! Monday mornings are rough, yo. After my [...]

Awesome, waterproof labels from #Kidecals!


I just got some really sharp looking waterproof address decals from Kidecals to put on all my kids’ electric scooters and Kindles. I’m always thrilled to support local Colorado businesses, especially when they’re run by awesome moms. Check out some of their cute designs! Love the swallow design so much – I had a really [...]

Thirty-one Years of Friendship


Everyone has a high school best friend. Unfortunately, as the years go by, we oftentimes fall out of touch or just grow apart entirely. Thanks to Facebook, it seems like most of us are in touch with our past a lot more than we used to be! I have reconnected with several old friends and [...]

Sugar Cookies with Candy Corn Marshmallows


The other day, I posted a grown up candy corn treat: Candy Corn Martinis! Today, I’m sharing something a bit more family-friendly. I found these fabulous Kraft Candy Corn flavored marshmallows the other day and snapped them right up! I think they are so cute! I thought we’d turn them into Rice Krispie Treats, but [...]

Candy Corn Martinis


Ahhh, fall – my favorite time of year! I’m about to dive headfirst into costume-making for my four little kids, along with pumpkin painting, corn maze exploring, and candy corn eating! It’s not all about the kids, though – I’ve got some grown-up shenanigans to plan for as well. So while munching candy corn, I [...]

Anderson Farms – Fall Fun for Families!


Pauly and I were just looking at corn mazes over the weekend, trying to figure out the best place in Colorado to visit with our kids, as we have NEVER been to a corn maze! I’m really interested in checking out Anderson Farms up in Erie – they are Colorado’s longest running corn maze, with [...]

Lauras Are Cool! Celebrating Friendship.


My awesome friend Laura Kelly and I met last year in the lunchroom at the elementary school. Our daughters were in the same 3rd grade class, and we both did volunteer work at the school. Eventually we realized we were both bloggers who actually knew a lot of the same people! We decided we should [...]

Spanish Rice Made Easy!


When I first met my husband many years ago, he asked me if I knew how to make Mexican food. I did know how to make killer Green Chile, but he and his mom schooled me up on the proper method of making authentic Spanish rice. There are variations to how people make this dish, [...]

DIY Football Bulletin Board and $300 Giveaway!


Ladies and gentlemen, football season is upon us, and you’ll find no more dedicated football fans than in my hometown of Denver, Colorado. Even though we’re still licking our wounds from our terrible Superbowl loss, the city is pumped up about watching Peyton Manning leading our team into another great season! I love how excited [...]

Back to School – Snacks for Days!


Ahhh, the quiet solitude of a weekday morning in September. I’m not saying I don’t love the chaos and noise of two sets of twins, because it does suit me just fine, but I think we were all ready for the first day of school! This year, I have children at two different schools! My [...]