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Neiman Gift Stamp

I haven’t been on here much, because I’ve been so crazy busy getting ready for my first ever DIY conference, Snap! It’s just days away! My dear friend Laura is one of the sponsors, and we’ve been running around like happy little mad women, getting goodie bags ready and preparing everything we need. We’ve packed […]

DIY Mother’s Day Card with Buttons


Every mama loves something handmade from her children, and that even holds true when you’re grown! I made this sweet DIY Mother’s Day Card with buttons for my own crafty mom. I used Laura Kelly branded buttons from Buttons Galore and More, which you can order for yourself right here. I also used Laura Kelly’s […]

DIY Earth Day Reading Stool

kunin earth day stool

Welcome to the Walnut Hollow and Kunin Group blog hop! April 22 is Earth Day and we are celebrating with a very special blog hop. Kunin Felt and Walnut Hollow, two “Made in the USA” companies committed to eco-friendly practices and quality products partner to bring you indoor-outdoor home decor projects. At Kunin Group, it […]

Autism Awareness Jewelry

autism heart necklace

Several years ago, my oldest daughter made several pairs of really cute autism ribbon dangly earrings, which I think we gave away to all our most supportive friends and teachers. At that time, there didn’t seem to be a ton of autism awareness jewelry available, but that has certainly changed! I found all kinds of […]

Thoughts on Barbecue Chips

BBQ Chips Smell Like Farts

I’ve decided it would be fun to doodle the funny things my kids say, and the first thing that came to mind was this quote from Mallory. Now I remember why nobody likes barbecue chips at my house!  Sooooo, I actually Instagrammed this event, and when I referred back to it, I realized I had […]

Quick DIY Glasses Case

finished case featured

My boy Pablo just got new glasses! He’s been wearing glasses for nearsightedness for a couple of years now, and this is only his second pair – the first pair was kind of a mess! Super scratched up, with chewed up earpieces. He was way overdue for a new pair! We ended up getting him […]

Friendship is A Universal Language: #Autism Book Review


I’m excited to check out this book about autism and friendship – Friendship is a Universal Language. This book is designed to demonstrate that a typical child’s understanding of friendship is the same as that of a child with autism. A single snapshot of a child is not indicative of whether or not he/she can […]

LiveCode to teach Coding to Autistic Individuals #EveryoneCanCreateApps


Happy Autism Awareness Month! On this first day of April, I am sharing a critically important and completely awesome campaign with you. Beginning tomorrow, April 2, 2015, LiveCode is launching an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to raise $350,000 to offset costs of creating a customized program with mentors, teachers and a sustainable commercial venture with […]

#TrickYourKicks Fabric Marker Sneakers!


I love coloring all over anything, and when I saw these white sneakers while out shopping the other day, I snatched them right up! For some reason, it seems like my kids wear a popular shoe size, and I never find plain white canvas shoes to fit them. Booo! So, super happy to find a […]

DIY Felt Carrots


Carrots are cute! Spring is finally here and it’s time to decorate accordingly, so hey – why not carrots! My little girls actually made these felt carrots the other day when they were home sick from school. They love to make little stuffy things to play with, and these are perfect for playtime picnics. Can […]