Veggie Cooking Times – Handy Chart!

Veggie Cheat Sheet

  As someone who is always either under-cooking or over-cooking veggies, I was happy to come across this cute little cooking time cheat sheet from  Lark & Larks! I almost want to hang it inside my cupboard door. I’m kind of a sucker for animated vegetables. Don’t you think it’d be funnier, though, if they [...]

Map of Denver-Area Farmer’s Markets

Parker Farmer's Market

Are you a fan of farmer’s markets? We love them! Fresh produce, yummy food samples, beautiful crafts and flowers, and best of all…sweet doggies everywhere! What is it about a farmer’s market that makes people decide to bring their dogs along? I have no idea, but I love friendly pups, so I’m all for it! [...]

Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches – Cookbook Review & Giveaway!


What goes better with summertime weather than ice cream sandwiches? Unfortunately, it can be hard to find safe and healthy treats for kids who have food allergies, or kids who follow a special diet. I recently got my hands on this brand new cookbook, Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches, which features 60 recipes for delicious dairy-free [...]

Colorado-California Road Trip, Day One!


Here is a photo essay of our family’s road trip from Denver to LA last month! Traveling with two sets of twins is no picnic, but it’s much easier when the inlaws travel with us! Paul’s folks followed us the whole way in their vehicle, with two of the kids along for the ride. The [...]

#EarthToEcho – THE Summer Family Movie!

Earth to Echo

A few days ago, Paul and I took the littles to a pre-screening of the highly anticipated summertime movie, Earth to Echo. During our California vacation earlier this month, we saw countless billboards for the movie, so my kids were thrilled at the chance to take a sneak peek! Here’s what Earth to Echo is [...]

Expressionery Giveaway!


Nothing is better than the last day of school! We just wrapped up the school year last week – whew! Everything always seems to happen all at once these final few weeks, and this year was no different. I always have a million things I want to do, but never seem to get around to [...]

Calabacitas – Yummy Squash Recipe!


We always eat Spanish rice with our Mexican food, but I’ll often crave some vegetables on the side – and this is my go-to recipe! My FAVORITE way to use up those gigantic zucchini and yellow squash every gardener tries to unload on you at the end of the summer. This is the best. I [...]

Walmart to Go + Pablo’s Surgery!


I swear. You know, when I mentioned on Facebook that Pablo was having surgery, a friend of mine commented, “So when are they dedicating the Neiman wing at the hospital?” And it feels like we’ve just about financed that, after all the dang co-pays we’ve shelled out for this year!  Yes, Pablo had minor surgery. [...]

Love and Burritos.

I’ve had two surgeries in two weeks, recovered from a nasty infection that threatened my tibia, spent 7 days caring for my littles while my husband was out of town on a motorcycle trip, and powered through the ridiculous anxiety that I get now when my husband rides.  This was his first motorcycle trip since [...]

Post Surgery Infection – Really?


I always love it when people tell me stories that start out with, “You are not gonna believe this shit…” And guess what, guys? I have one of those stories. Last Friday, I went in for my post-op appointment after having surgery to remove the hardware from my tibia the week before. It was a [...]